Cars Owned By ICC Cricketer Of The Year – Babar Azam

Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam has been named International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket of the Year. And most importantly, he won this award two years in a row. No Pakistani player had won this award before him. The right-handed hitter is renowned for his classic yet slick style, and his cover his drivers are literally world-famous.

Here are some of his shots to feast your eyes on. fun! . fun!

Well, you may ask why We’re talking about Azam being declared Cricketer of the Year, but don’t worry. I know the answer. Share details of cars owned by Skippers.

toyota aqua

Babar Azam used to own a Toyota Aqua. His car color is blue and he has been seen driving a hatchback on several occasions. Unfortunately, he was unable to find any photos or videos of that car with the hitter, but he did have the car.

Audi A5

Babar Azam’s first major car purchase was an Audi A5. Why? It’s his favorite. In an interview, the hitter said he loved the A5 and said he would buy it soon. A car currently costing Rs. 11,400,000 is both classic, chic and sleek, a home that fits Babar’s style.

Hyundai Sonata

Another sedan owned by Babar Azam is the Hyundai Sonata. And when he arrived at the event in his new vehicle in May 2022, it was revealed that the captain had purchased a black Sonata to match his calmness on the field. For reference, Hyundai sedans are currently priced at Rs. 8,899,000.

Babal Azam Hyundai Sonata

BAIC BJ40 Plus

Last but not least, Babar Azam owns a BAIC BJ40 Plus. He got the car after being declared a player for his ODI series between Pakistan and Australia in April 2022. At 9,995,000, he is considered a locally assembled Wrangler.

Once again, congratulations to the captain for winning this award.

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