Catalytic converter theft targeted by federal PART Act

WASHINGTON — U.S. lawmakers in the House and Senate on Tuesday reintroduced legislation to help law enforcement tackle a alarming rise in catalytic converter thefts across the country.

Known as the Automobile Recycling Anti-Theft Act (PART, Act), the bill was intended to reduce catalytic converter theft, requiring new vehicles to have the VIN stamped on the catalytic converter and law enforcement officers noticing if it was stolen. Parts can be associated with the original vehicle.

We have also created a subsidy program to allow dealers, repair shops and other qualified parties to stamp the converters of existing vehicles with a VIN, thus preventing stolen catalytic converters from being stolen, sold, trafficked or known to be stolen. Establish federal criminal penalties for purchases.

Rep. Jim Baird (Republican) led the bill’s reintroduction in the House, backed by Minnesota Democrats Betty McCallum and Angie Craig, Republicans Randy Feenstra of Iowa and Rep. Michael Guest of Mississippi. increase. .

In the Senate, Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, with the support of Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon) and Republican Senators Mike Brown (of Indiana) and JD Vance (of Ohio) MPs took the lead on the bill.

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