CES: Infinitum debuts light, high-efficiency electric motor

Infinitum says it has 32 patents, 44 more pending, and plans to start production in the second quarter.

Paulo Guedes-Pinto, Infinitum’s vice president of technology, said in a statement: “Aircore Mobility motors offer a new means of extending the range of Class 1-8 vehicles, aerospace, marine, construction and agricultural machinery.”

Automakers are focusing on improving EV efficiency in four key areas: motors and drivetrains, and batteries and power electronics. Greater efficiency pays off in several ways. This allows automakers to reduce the size and cost of their battery packs, increase driving range between charges, and improve performance.

Infinitum has seen interest in its Aircore Mobility motors from many automakers, European commercial truck makers, EV racing teams, construction and marine industries, said spokesperson Erin Gilmore.

Sam Abuelsamid, Principal Analyst at Guidehouse Insights, said: Given the challenges of the supply chain, the motor’s materials, rapid assembly and scalable production should make it attractive to automotive OEMs looking for dramatically simplified manufacturing going forward. ”

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