Chevy, Ford, Mitsubishi and Buick-GMC dealerships sell in Q3, Q4 deals

Partner expanded two General Motors stores and purchased a dealership from Lithia Motors Inc., a public auto retailer. Other dealers and groups increased their dealer holdings in separate transactions in the third and fourth quarters.

Here’s a look at deals involving domestic and import dealers and stores in Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, and Virginia.

A transaction includes car news List of the top 150 dealer groups.

Partners will purchase two Midwest Chevy stores, including one from Lithia Motors.

Stephen Shane, Seth Severin, and Kevin Chernikoff have purchased two Chevrolet stores in the last five months.

The three companies acquired Matthews Chevrolet Buick on July 26 in Bucyrus, Ohio. Renamed Bucyrus Chevrolet, the store was purchased from Tim Mathews, Tom Weston, Dave Columber and Doug Moore, said his Shane, dealer principal at the Bucyrus dealer.

The Bucyrus store will no longer sell Buick cars. Shane and his partners sold the Buick franchise to General Motors. That’s because the brand’s electric vehicle plans don’t make sense for the rural markets where the stores are located, he said. Bucyrus is north of Columbus, Ohio.

Shane, Severin and Chernikoff have been business partners for 14 years, Shane says. They own several GM dealers in Ohio and he owns a Stellantis store in the state as well.

According to Stephen Shane, the three partners, along with Shane’s wife Shelley Shane, purchased a Suburban Chevrolet in Clinton, Michigan, from Licia on November 14. The store is the first Michigan outlet for Severin, Chernikov and Shanes.

Chevrolet of Clinton is one of 34 stores Lithia acquired when she purchased Michigan’s Suburban Collection in April 2021.

Rural markets run by Shane, Severin and Chernikov were a factor in recent purchases, according to Steven Shane. create stuff

“It’s like leaving us to a place that probably spans 150 square miles and owns almost all but a few GM stores. car news.

Lithia from Medford, Oregon ranks second on the list. car news List of the top 150 US-based dealer groups that will sell 260,738 new vehicles in 2021.

Columbus buying and selling firm Tim Lam Group represented the seller in the Ohio acquisition.

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