Citroen to launch EV for India based on New C3

MADRID — Citroën will launch a fully electric version of its new C3 minicar in India next month, but it’s not clear if the car will be developed for Europe as a Dacia Spring rival.

A four-door hatchback with a length of less than four meters, the new C3 is the first model in Citroën’s smart car series aimed at emerging and developing markets. Two more models will be added within the next two years. According to Citroen, 6,000 new C3s have been ordered in India, where they will be built near Chennai, and in Brazil, where 7,000 of his cars will be assembled at the Porto Real plant.

Citroen CEO Vincent Cobee said on the sidelines at Citroen’s event in Madrid that he would not comment on whether the eC3 will be homologated, sold or produced in Europe.

Renault Group has been selling the spring in Europe since 2021, originally developed as a combustion engine car for the Indian market called Renault Quid. The electric version is built in China with Renault’s joint venture partner, his JMEV.

The spring has been a success for Dacia, achieving over 40,000 sales in 2022 at a low price of €16,000 (France) with incentives. More than 100,000 orders have been placed since its launch in the spring of 2021, according to Dacia.

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