Column: Advocacy group Public Citizen calls Toyota “boring”

Journalists are constantly getting pitches from outside groups trying to move or shame automakers, but as ridiculous as what they received last month from well-established nonprofit advocacy group Public Citizen: There are very few

In general, I am not in favor of the civic agenda of “defending democracy, resisting corporate power, and working to ensure that government works for its people.” But the company’s latest effort, calling Toyota “boring,” is so ridiculous it makes me laugh because it will continue to sell not only battery-electric vehicles, but also internal-combustion-engine and hybrid vehicles.

Toyota just started offering BEVs (kinda) in 2022 and continues to sell other traditionally powered vehicles, so it’s not boring. because it contains

So boring isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. It’s also ridiculous for a citizen to criticize the annual Toyotathon his December sales event by derisively calling it a “Toyota Yorn.” Seriously, a company holding the same sales event every year for 50 years or so has been criticized for being uncreative and uninspiring.

Public Citizen even flew a banner saying Toyota was boring at a NASCAR event in November. Nascar? ?

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