Comedian Jay Leno recounts ‘horrific’ garage accident

In his first interview since suffering severe burns while working on a classic car on Nov. 12, comedian Jay Leno said he initially ignored a doctor’s recommendation to go to the hospital for treatment. Told.

He ended up spending nine days in a burn center, where he underwent skin graft surgery and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid the healing process.

Leno said on NBC’s “Today” that he was injured while trying to unclog the fuel lines of his 1907 white steam car. He asked his friend Dave Killackey to blow air into the lines. .

“Suddenly, boom, gas fills my face, pilot lights fly, my face burns,” Leno said.

Killacky drags Leno out from under the car and puts out the flames. He described the injury as “horrifying”.

“He was really swallowed up. I couldn’t even see his face,” Kiraky said. “It was a wall of fire.”

Leno said his right ear had to be reconstructed and his fingers were burned “pretty badly”. But he said no one should worry about him.

“People who work with their hands get hurt every day,” he said. “I don’t want to be a capricious celebrity.”

Headlining the 2015 National Auto Dealers Association convention, Leno joked that the worst part of the ordeal was seeing so much gas wasted.

“We are in California,” he said. “It’s $7 a gallon.”

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