Cox Automotive’s Dealer Sentiment Index

what is that: Franchise, independent and pulse checks across the automotive retail industry. Quarterly, Cox communicates the dealer’s sense of the market today and his predictions three months from now. He also asks questions about other topics such as store profits, inventory, and business challenges.

Where are you from: Cox researches hundreds of franchises and independent dealers to produce the index on a quarterly basis. Responses are typically from department managers or senior staff members and are weighted by dealer type and sales. Most answers he is scored between 0 and 100, with higher numbers indicating strength or increase. 50 means stable or average.

how to use: Dealers can compare their situation and market to the national sentiment expressed by their peers quarterly and over time. The study allows you to compare the current market, the year of the pandemic and the situation before the COVID-19 pandemic.

How it can be exploited: Franchised dealers and independent dealers may have very different perceptions of the market. It can be difficult to guess what dealers mean when they choose from a list of factors that hinder Cox’s business. Dealer sentiment is subjective and should not be considered hard data regarding condition or performance.

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