Dacia launches first hybrid on Jogger compact SUV

Launched in March last year, the Jogger has been a success for Dacia as it aims to be slightly more upscale while maintaining a price thousands of euros lower than its competitors.

According to Dacia, there were 83,000 orders for Joggers made in Romania, of which 51,000 were delivered. According to Dacia, about two-thirds of orders are for the highest trim level, and 55% of his buyers choose his 7-seater model (standard he has a 5-seater).

About two-thirds of Jogger’s customers opt for the 100-horsepower LPG dual-fuel model, making LPG prices in Europe about 50% cheaper per liter than unleaded petrol.

Renault has two models of compact crossovers/SUVs with full hybrid options. The Austral Hybrid is 39,900. Nissan’s Qashqai hybrid, which uses an E-Power system different from Renault’s, starts at 31,300 euros. Toyota has his two hybrid models in this segment. The C-HR crossover starts at €32,750 in France, while the larger RAV-4 starts at €44,500.

The segment was led in the first half by Hyundai Tucson, which sold 78,160 units through July.

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