Dealership group builds web platform to boost used inventory

After first launching in 2019, reopened in August 2021 after undergoing a revamp, including staffing and advertising placements necessary to keep it going.

Myers said it was a little slow at first. Performance Automotive, which has 14 franchised dealers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Utah and two used specialty stores, was buying 30 to 40 cars a month. However, since March 2022, this mobile service has acquired an average of more than 100 vehicles per month, he said.

From 2022 to November, Performance Automotive has purchased 1,213 vehicles using this platform. Myers said a team of up to eight employees handles sales leads, while another three of him drive to the seller’s location and pick up the car.

The group, which sold about 20,000 new and 30,000 used cars in 2021, is trying to “buy everything,” Myers said. Approximately 65% ​​of the acquired vehicles will be added to the Group’s retail inventory. The remaining 35% of his is wholesale.

Performance Automotive joins a growing group of dealers looking to use new methods and technology to revitalize used vehicle acquisitions. Some are successfully buying consumer cars via social media, on the street, or through buying centers set up specifically for used car purchases.

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