DEC looking for owner of abandoned Jeep | Columbia County

RED HOOK — New York Department of Environmental Conservation police and forest rangers are searching for the owner of a jeep abandoned on a wildlife refuge in northern Dutchess County.

On Jan. 9, rangers Aubrey Russo and Cameron Sweeney found an abandoned jeep stuck in the mud while patrolling the Tivoli Bay Wildlife Management Area, DEC spokespersons said. Mann, Jeff Wernick said.

The vehicle had a license plate, Warnick said.

Wernick said no owners of vehicles suspected of illegally off-roading on state land have been found.

DEC officials said they were unaware of any other agencies helping identify the owners.

The jeep was towed off the trail and seized.

If found, the owner could be prosecuted for illegally using the vehicle on state property and would have to pay a towing fee, Wernick said.

Investigation is ongoing.

According to the DEC website, Tivoli Bay stretches two miles along the eastern bank of the Hudson River between the town of Tivoli in Red Hook and the villages of Barrytown.

The site has two large coves on the east bank of the river, Tivoli North Bay, a large intertidal wetland, and Tivoli South Bay, a large, shallow cove with exposed tidal flats at low tide.

Tivoli Bay is one of four sites in the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve. This is a partnership between the State of New York and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to support the management, research, and education of the critical land and water areas of the Hudson River Estuary. , DEC said.

Tivoli Bay was designated a New York State Important Bird Sanctuary in 1997. It is also a New York Bird Sanctuary in recognition of its unique breeding wetland bird colony.

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