Dec. U.S. auto sales: Market slides 8% in 2022; SAAR tops forecasts; GM reclaims sales crown.

general motorssaw a 42% increase in light vehicle unit sales and a 44% increase in sales in the fourth quarter, driven by strong light truck deliveries. chevrolet42% GMC and 75 percent CadillacBuick was the only GM brand with a 6.5% decline in sales in the final quarter of 2022, extending the brand’s decline for the sixth straight quarter.

GM also reclaimed the title of America’s best-selling automaker in 2022 with nearly 150,000 vehicles after Toyota Motor Corporation took the crown in 2021. Meanwhile, Toyota Motor’s sales fell 9.6% to his 2.1 million units.

U.S. dealer inventories continue to recover, according to GM, more than doubling over the past 12 months to 410,682 units in December, including passenger cars and light trucks in transit, up from the end of the third quarter. 359,292, up from 199,662 in the final quarter. in 2021.

Deliveries in December were 3.5% at Toyota, Toyota sector offsetting a 16% decline in LexusBoth brands continue to be hampered by some of the lowest inventory levels in the industry, with Lexus sales now declining for the 11th straight month. Lost the title to Ford in December by a margin of about 10,000 units.

at Ford Motor Co.Volume in December increased 3.3% behind gains of 2.7% at the Ford division and 17% at the Lincoln. The US’ third-largest automaker ended 2022 with its 1.86 million unit sales down 2.2%.

According to Ford, U.S. sales of the F-Series truck will reach 653,957 units in 2022, making it the U.S.’s best-selling truck for the 46th consecutive year and the best-selling vehicle for the 41st consecutive year.

The company said its total inventory of cars and light trucks in 2022 was 398,000 units, or 60 days of inventory, of which 45% were in transit, up from 372,000 at the end of November and 247,000 at the end of 2021. I’m here.

Stella Volume fell 16% in the fourth quarter after an 18% decline, he said. jeep39% at Chrysler, 15% at Chrysler RAMOnly Dodge recorded a 15% sales increase in the final quarter.

Volumes of two smaller brands, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, also fell by more than 25%. Sales of FCA’s largest brands, Jeep and Ram, have now fallen for the sixth consecutive quarter. Overall U.S. shipments of Stellantis are down 13% for him in 2022.

Jeff Kommor, head of U.S. sales for Stellantis’ FCA US unit, said the company’s performance was adversely affected by “production constraints and disruptions in parts and materials in general” and “continued into 2021 and 2022. Market conditions,” he said.

Honda motor industry stock companystill struggling to secure chips for major models to rebuild its depleted inventory. Honda Division Down 11% Acura 5.5% off. The company’s 2022 sales fell 33%, the steepest drop of any major automaker last year. The company says it will start 2023 with about 44,000 new cars in dealer inventories, telling dealers that inventory won’t return to normal levels until the fall of 2023 at the earliest.

“Like the rest of the industry, supply issues are still unresolved,” said Mamadou Diallo, vice president of auto sales at American Honda Motor. The expectation is that sales will be strong in 2022 and that this means a healthy increase in sales this year. ”

The Nissan Group’s US sales in the fourth quarter fell 2% to 191,012. Nissan Brands were off 3.6%, the sixth straight quarter of decline, while Infiniti sales were up 24%.

Trading volume increased by 40% last month to a December record of 72,058. hyundai Motor America was led by a 27% increase in retail sales. Hyundai said utility vehicles accounted for 74% of its retail sales volume, marking its fifth consecutive month of record retail sales.

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