DFW Jeep club lends a hand to truckers stuck on icy roads

The Dallas-area Jeep Club took to the road on Tuesday to help a truck driver stuck at the bottom of an icy road, capturing some of the action on video.

Ice, mud and freezing temperatures hit many parts of Texas on Tuesday, January 31, and the Dallas area was no exception. Due to the dangerous conditions, the Carnales Off-Road Club, a group of people who drive jeeps, have turned their regular offroads into a more profitable activity of helping truck drivers who have been unable to gain traction on the roads of the DFW area. I decided to stop off-road riding.

“We are pulling the semi-finals!” said Jeep Club member Angel Muniz. “Toe straps, shackles, everything!”

“We pulled out a few cars, mostly truck drivers. It’s good,” she told WFAA.

“It’s just sad to see them stranded,” she added. And I know others do too.The reality is, it’s bad.We just want people to be safe.”

A group of Jeeps worked together to get enough traction to pull multiple trucks up the hills of Spar 408 and Interstate 20 in southern Dallas County. They say they helped out on countless trucks.

Check out some footage of the good deeds below.

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