Did Anyone Lose a Jeep? Vehicle Discovered in Hudson Valley Woods

I rarely come across jeeps in the woods.

It’s not uncommon for people to spend time hunting for treasure in the Hudson Valley. Weekends flock to the region’s best hiking spots, even in winter, to enjoy all the natural beauty the region has to offer.

Hikers often stumble upon quirky finds, but one of the most recent finds has left some scratching their heads.

On January 9th, two rangers were out on patrol when they came across a strange discovery. Rangers Russo and Sweekney were at the Tivoli Bay Wildlife Management Area when they spotted the jeep. That’s right, an abandoned jeep sat in the middle of nowhere.

It’s unclear exactly where the Jeep came from, but the New York State Department of Conservation believes the driver was engaged in some sort of illegal activity. suspected to be involved. Rangers believe the driver got stuck and left the Jeep behind.

Unable to locate the vehicle’s owner, DEC agents arranged for the Jeep to be towed off the trail. Rangers say they are now investigating who the driver may have been. A photo released by the Department of Environmental Conservation appears to show a vehicle without a front license plate. It is unknown if the plate was removed by the owner.

If you have information about an abandoned Jeep, please contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. I’m sure they want to help solve this mystery.

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