Doug DeMuro Says That These Are The BMWs Real Gearheads Should Know About

The list features five BMWs most people forgot, including the BMW M5 Cabriolet and the McLaren F1-powered BMW X5.

We all tend to think we all know some degree of car models, the theory of fast driving, and the history behind some of the great automotive moments.

When it comes to knowing more about rarer vehicles, you may not know as much as Doug DeMuro. BMW Most people don’t know, he says.

BMW is an iconic workhorse in the world of gearheads, and there are many different versions of the German brand’s models. sport sedanCoupes, Supercars and SUVs.

We already know most of them, but now for sure – see what else Doug DeMuro has discovered on his YouTube channel through this short lesson on rare BMWs.

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The rarest BMW we should know, according to Doug DeMuro

This should be interesting. Automotive YouTuber Doug is a famous gear head and a fan of BMW cars. Like most people he has an interest in cars.

He says people will know some of the models on the list, but as we’ll see later, they’re interesting.

First up is the BMW Compact. This is the hatchback version of the E46 BMW 3 Series sold in Europe and the successor to the BMW 3 Series (318ti) hatchback that was also sold in the US before the model was canned. The E46 BMW 3 Series Compact is his RWD shortened hatchback version of the standard sedan or coupé, and can be fitted with his 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine of 190 hp and a manual transmission that makes it a coupe with a suitable gearhead. I was.

Next up is the BMW Hydrogen 7, which is based on the 7 Series, which was sold in small numbers in Europe. Doug says the car is notable for its 6-liter V12, which can run on petrol or hydrogen, but only produced around 260 horsepower. A really rare car.

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The BMW X5 LM is a custom SUV beast with a Le Mans engine

BMW X5 LM, front quarter view
Via: YouTube via Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro talks about the BMW X5 LM (Le Mans), an amazing one-on-one super SUV.

Taking the X5 SUV and replacing it with a 700-horsepower Le Mans engine, a variant of the McLaren F1 engine, was a concept that really worked. We’ve also made changes like interior racing seats, a roll cage and subtle exterior changes. .

He says it’s great that the car didn’t look like a race car, just with a subtle bodykit and new wheels.

Rounding out the video is a fairly normal looking car, the E90 BMW 3 Series CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) is a normal looking 3 Series 4 with a weight reduction (150 pounds less) and carbon fiber parts added. It was a door sedan. For cars with new seats and other upgrades. While not currently notable for its carbon fiber special editions and options, this model dates back to the ’00s.

Finally, BMW’s one-off E34 M5 cabriolet is also a long, beautiful two-door convertible version of the Big Bruiser performance sedans and wagons of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Most of these are arguably unknown gems from the back catalog of sports car history.

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