Driver charged in fatal crash in Northwest Washington

A Philadelphia man was charged with reckless driving after driving under the influence after two cars collided in downtown Washington on Sunday, killing a man, according to police and court documents.

The crash occurred at approximately 6:10 p.m. on NW 15th Street and Massachusetts Avenue. Police said in court documents that the driver of his Cherokee Jeep drove through a red light and collided with an Uber as he was about to turn at a green light.

Police said the deceased man was Carlos Enrique Christian, 24, of northwestern Washington and an Uber passenger.

Jeep driver Reginald Johnson, 30, was arrested, officials said, according to a police arrest affidavit filed with DC Superior Court.

Johnson, also charged with manipulating a vehicle while causing bodily harm and aggravating reckless driving, was released from custody on Monday pending a court hearing scheduled for Feb. 6.

A lawyer for Johnson did not respond to a request for comment.

In a statement, DC police said they had filed a more serious felony charge against Johnson.A Justice Department spokeswoman said the case was still under investigation.

Attempts to contact Christian’s family were unsuccessful on Tuesday.

According to court affidavits, Johnson was driving a Jeep east on Massachusetts Avenue when an Uber driver in a Toyota Corolla drove left onto Massachusetts Avenue’s westbound lane on the way to 15th Avenue. You passed a red light. Police said the Uber driver had a green light.

Police said the jeep crashed into the side of the building on impact. Authorities said five people were injured, including the Uber driver and a female passenger. Police said the other injured was in a jeep.

Alice Crites contributed to this report.

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