Electric Jeep® Avenger (JJ) To Get 4×4 Model In 2024

Following the unveiling of the 2023 ‘European Car of the Year’ at the Brussels Motor Show, Jeep® Europe Head Antonella Bruno officially confirms the all-new Jeep Avenger four-wheel drive (4×4) variant (JJ) is scheduled for release in 2024.

2023 Jeep® Avenger 4xe Concept. (Jeep).

“That’s another strength of the Avenger,” said Bruno. “The two-wheel-drive version is as capable off-road as the Renegade. But yes, there will be 4×4s. , and the 4×4 is expected to arrive in 2024.”

2023 Jeep® Avenger 4xe Concept. (Jeep).

Shown at the Paris Motor Show, the Avenger 4xe Concept showcased an Avenger with 4×4 capabilities. The Avenger 4xe featured a unique wheel design with signature ‘Surf Blue’ tow hooks, wide fenders, wide treads and aggressive off-road tires. The 4xe concept has been enhanced with improved approach angles of 21°, breakover angles of 20° and departure angles of 34°. Besides, the ground clearance was also he approved at 200 mm (or 7.8 inches).

2023 Jeep® Avenger 4xe Concept. (jeep).

To help the Avenger 4xe navigate off-road, thicker cladding and built-in LED off-road lights add protection and improve nighttime visibility.

2023 Jeep® Avenger 4xe Concept. (Jeep).

Also on display was a new lightweight roof cargo system concept that uses a special belt system to compress cargo to the roof and provides anti-scratch protection along its entire length. An anti-reflective hood sticker and anti-scratch grille treatment complete the whole package, giving you more peace of mind when driving off-road.

Jeep plans to unveil a new Avenger 4×4 model in the coming months.

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