Electrify America, TravelCenters of America to install 1,000 chargers along U.S. highways

With Electrify America’s charging stations in travel centers across the United States, electric road trips may soon become a reality and easier to plan.

Electrify America and TravelCenters of America detailed on Monday a new partnership to install 1,000 chargers at 200 TravelCenters locations along major highways over the next five years. Both companies plan to launch their first chargers this year.

Rachel Moses, director of Electrify America, said the partnership will add Electrify America’s charging stations to major travel routes and aims to ease consumers’ range concerns on road trips. . automotive news.

The installation will further expand access to EV chargers along the highway. General Motors, EVgo and Pilot Flying J. He signed a similar deal in July, with plans to install 2,000 chargers at 500 Pilot Flying J travel centers.

The pace of installation and charger locations will depend on regional subsidies and availability, said TravelCenters of America spokeswoman Tina Arundel. car newsTravelCenters now has several charging sites with Tesla, FreeWire and ChargePoint, she said.

Travel centers have the space needed to build EV charging infrastructure, Arundel said. TravelCenters of America operates 281 locations in 44 states. These sites include diesel and gasoline refueling, truck maintenance and repair, full and quick service restaurants, travel stores, and car and truck parking.

Electrify America plans to own and operate 1,800 charging stations by 2026. Sites maintained by Electrify America and owned by TravelCenters of America will be added to that tally, Moses said.

Because TravelCenters of America’s network is along a busy highway corridor, [EV] “Because today’s drivers will not only get the best customer amenities, but tomorrow’s drivers who are considering making the switch to EVs,” said Moses.

Working with TravelCenters of America will also allow Electrify America to add access to previously restricted highways, she said.

TravelCenters of America will purchase Electrify America’s DC fast chargers and Electrify America will install, operate and maintain the chargers. Electrify America also offers warranty and around-the-clock support services.

Today, Electrify America owns 800 charging stations and 3,500 chargers nationwide. The company operates in her 46 states and plans to expand to 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Tesla owners will need an adapter, but any electric make or model can be charged at Electrify America charging points.

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