Elevate women in the workplace by setting goals

Companies can put these goals into practice by creating mentoring and sponsorship programs, working to advance the careers of female employees, encouraging hiring and promotions, and offering flexibility, Nelson said.

In addition, companies should not make assumptions about what women want or don’t want in their careers, such as whether they want to travel on business because they have children at home. she said.

“Women can tell you what they want. They can tell you their career aspirations,” she said.

NADA is focused on the Women Driving Auto Retail event, both in terms of content and attendees, said 2022 NADA President Mike Alford. car news Ahead of this year’s NADA show. According to NADA, more than 500 tickets were sold for him at this year’s event, up from 340 in 2022. “One of the things we’re seeing is, quite frankly, how successful women are in our field right now, and the networks we need to share and discuss best practices. [and] To share their journey together,” Alford said. Would you like to enter this space and proceed? “

At Thursday’s event, Stephanie Chung, Founder Chief Growth Officer and Global Brand Ambassador for commercial airline Wheels Up, shared her career ambitions and growth story. and how to be influential.

“You don’t have to be told to be empowered, you have power,” Chong said. “But how do you get hold of it? It’s really easy. First, make sure you’re paying extra attention to yourself. Make sure you’re not trying to blend in. It wasn’t designed to.”

When the woman was able to do it, she said,

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