Europe’s Best-Selling Vehicle Looks Ridiculous Next To America’s

Peugeot 208 overlaid on Ford F-150 highlights discrepancy of 72 inches in length and 21 inches in height

To Chris Chilton

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    Europe's best-selling car looks next to America's ridiculous

To Chris Chilton

A car on the average US road looks a lot more like a car on the average European road than it did 40 or 50 years ago. But this graphical overlay serves as a reminder that there are still vastly different things on either side of the Atlantic.

It’s no surprise that Ford’s F-150 was the best-selling car in the US in 2022. The iconic flatbed has been America’s favorite form of transportation every year for decades. The European is a little more capricious, always opting for a small hatchback and mostly prefers his VW Golf, but occasionally shifts his love from one model to another. 2022 was Peugeot’s pocket-sized 208.

You don’t have to look at a small European car next to a full size truck to know that one is much smaller than the other, but when you view them side by side and scaled like this image, It will take your breath away. First seen posted online by Reddit user gavarnie who used the Carsized website to create the photo.If you haven’t checked out car size, which is a fun tool that allows you to overlay any kind of vehicle from multiple angles and view the dimensions of each. The pedant points out that his F-150 shown is technically the previous model, but it’s also a best-seller and the truck dimensions for 2021 and beyond are very similar, so The comparison is still valid.

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    Europe's best-selling car looks next to America's ridiculous

For the 208 and F-150 with SuperCrew cabs, the images show exactly what Ford’s additional 72.4 inches (1.84 m) of length looks like at 231.9 inches (5.89 m). In fact, the entire 208 almost fits into the F-150’s 145-inch (3.68 m) wheelbase. And this isn’t even the largest version of the F-150 available. Choosing a 6.5-foot rear box gives you almost 12 inches (305 mm) more space between the axles.

And then there is the height difference. The Ford stands 20.9 inches (531 mm) taller than the Peugeot, and the 208’s roof roughly matches the Ford’s bonnet, waistline, and driver’s elbow. Pugs seem poised to be squashed at monster truck shows. Needless to say.

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