Faulkner Subaru dealer’s boost committee improves workflow

Jones said dealers that sold 918 new cars and 855 used cars in 2021 stopped receiving customer complaints about parking.

It was “a really small proposition, but a big deal for a customer who uses a lot of services,” he said.

With minor changes suggested by the committee, Mr Jones said car news.

The salesperson’s idea of ​​having employees and their families get together quarterly contributed to a familial atmosphere at dealers and fostered new friendships, Jones said. helps to lower the , a factor in Faulkner’s longstanding admiration for Subaru-Harrisburg. car news‘A list of the 100 best dealers to work with,’ he added. This store was his #17 on his 2022 list. Quarterly gatherings proposed by the committee included activities such as bowling and mini-golf.

The dealers’ open-minded atmosphere influenced the committee, Jones said. The committee meetings were intended to formalize the brainstorming that had already taken place piecemeal while employees were helping customers and conversing during their lunch breaks.

And discussions at committee meetings continue to be conversations about employee ideas for improving dealer operations, not lectures, Jones said. Ideas can be explored in multiple meetings, with employees delegating tasks and collaborating with departments on implementation between meetings.

“The frontline people who are in the field and doing it every day have your best ideas,” Jones said.

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