Ferrari’s electric supercars will rev up with sound of engines

According to a patent filed by the iconic Italian manufacturer and cited by analysts at Oddo BHF, Ferrari NV’s electric supercar features a distinctive engine noise produced by a new amplification system.

The patent covers “reproducing devices for realizing sounds that can be associated with electric motors,” Oddo BHF wrote in a note. Ferrari It declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg News.

This will allow automakers to amplify one or more sounds in the vehicle. Electrical Brokers said it ran the motor before rerouting the roar through the rear of the car. Ferrari plans to start production of its first electric supercar in 2025.

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vina told investors at the company’s Capital Markets Day in June that sound is one of “an integral part of Ferrari’s character”.

All engines have their own “characteristic” sound, and Vigna added that he expected Ferrari’s electric car to have its own signature engine sound as well.

A study on Ferrari’s electrification supports Odd’s view that the automaker should be able to offer “an attractive and innovative EV product when it hits the market in 2025,” according to Tuesday’s note. . The Maranello, Italy-based automaker “isn’t far behind in that regard,” Odd said.

“Success in sound reproduction technology could make up for some of the loss in engine sound,” Odd wrote in the report, valuing Ferrari’s stock as outperforming.

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