Fisker PEAR: first-look at £25,000 electric city car

Production of the all-new Fisker Ocean electric SUV only started in November 2022, but the U.S. automaker is already gearing up for the launch of its second EV, PEAR (an acronym for ‘Personal Electric Automotive Revolution’). is proceeding. The electric city car has been tested and gives us a first look before it’s unveiled later this year.

PEAR’s potential rivals include electric hatchbacks such as the MG4 EV, Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault Megane E-Tech, as well as some of the smaller zero-emission SUVs on the market such as the MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona Electric. extends to the department.

As for the design, PEAR shares some cues with the existing Ocean, such as the model name across the nose, wide plastic grille panels, steep windshield and very short front and rear overhangs. . However, the PEAR features a much sharper nose than the Ocean, a relatively small bonnet and a roofline that slopes towards the rear.

It’s hard to judge the PEAR’s dimensions from the photos, but the company says it’s about 4.5 meters long, which is about the same length as the Kia Sportage family of SUVs, and offers room for five people while still providing a It is said that it can move quickly even in urban life. .

Speaking to DrivingElectric in 2022, company CEO and founder Henrik Fisker had this to say about PEAR’s styling: “I wanted a design that was very recognizable and completely different from the others.” I think it’s very difficult to say what it looks like.I think it’s so clean, so simple, so futuristic.”

When asked how PEAR’s sub-$30,000 price tag in the US will translate to European markets, Fisker said: [between the US and UK]… definitely under £29,000, probably closer to £25,000. ”

To reach this number, Fisker said: Next, we’re working with Foxconn to find ways to innovate manufacturing and find easier ways to assemble vehicles. Less time means less cost. So we are very happy to be able to achieve PEAR pricing. ”

PEAR offers two battery sizes, a larger hyperrange expected to get you back more than 310 miles on a charge, plus single- and dual-motor setups to choose between rear- or all-wheel drive. A SolarSky panoramic roof should also help add a few more miles of range.

Like all Fisker cars, PEAR has at least four unique features. The first feature is the “Houdini” trunk, which contrasts with the usual hatchback. How the driver will access the trunk remains a mystery so far, but Fisker said: Something is parked right behind you – how do you get into the trunk?

“So we had to find a new way to open the trunk that was different from the traditional hatch. There are some other unique spaces where you can put things,” he continued. Fisker says it’s simple, yet offers as much storage space as possible.

Fisker PEAR interior

So far, we’ve only seen one image of the inside of PEAR, with only the big screen in the middle, mounted on a swooping dashboard. This suggests PEAR will have a cabin design similar to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, with its single screen used for both driver information and media. Concept art also shows PEAR with a two-tone interior color scheme, with large windows around it to aid in visibility.

PEAR appears to have inherited some styling cues from Ocean based on what we’ve seen in some teaser images so far. Includes model headlights. It also has a large wraparound windshield, short overhangs to maximize cabin space and four doors.

Fisker adds: He also revealed that some of PEAR’s unique features allow it to be used in food delivery and ride-hailing services.

The Fisker PEAR is expected to be unveiled in late 2023 and go into production the following year. Produced in partnership with Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn, the company is targeting a minimum production of 250,000 vehicles per year from its Ohio facility. Fisker is currently accepting a $250 deposit for PEAR, and he’s already booked more than 3,000 people.

Fisker PEAR series

Fisker electric car of the future

PEAR’s all-steel base will be used for two other 2022 models teased by Fisker himself. One of which he believes is an electric pickup truck. Fisker didn’t reveal anything about the next models in the PEAR line, but they are “fundamentally different” and the company “doesn’t want to make just a tiny hatchback or tiny crossover. I have no doubt that it will be very unique.”

Fisker is also working on a four-passenger convertible GT car with a range of about 600 miles called the Ronin. CEO Henrik Fisker said on his social media that the Tesla Roadster rival flagship will hit 0-100 mph in nearly two seconds thanks to a combination of three electric motors, while an adult We shared that it provides space for 4 people and their luggage.

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