fleeing suspect crashes into another vehicle, kills one

January 26 – Local police and sheriff’s deputies are searching for the driver of a Jeep that killed one person when it crashed past a stop sign into another vehicle on K and Tilman streets in Brunswick this afternoon. ing.

Both Brunswick Police Chief Kevin Jones and Glynn County Sheriff Neil Jumpp told News the chase was interrupted minutes before the crash.

“The vehicle that collided. Neither we nor the city tracked it. Earlier we observed it and put a blue light on it….The reason we lost contact was because the school It’s the traffic, the buses, the kids,” Jump said. “I’m not going to pursue you under reckless circumstances.”

Jump said the Jeep suspect ran a stop sign at a “wide open” intersection before smashing into a black sedan.

The Jeep then ran into a tree and landed on top of a fire hydrant, Jones said. The suspect then fled on foot.

As of 4:30 p.m., neither were ready to release the suspect’s name or description.Jones said he had only a preliminary suspect.

“I would like to hold off on announcing it until we can take it further,” Jones said.

Jump said the suspect had already changed clothes and a K-9 officer and a police dog were leading the search.

Jump said that Georgia Patrolmen have been called in to investigate the crash site.

“We hate to see an innocent person in that car, but we are actively trying to find the driver so that an investigation and prosecution can be made,” Jump said.

Around 3:15 p.m., sheriff’s deputies identified the vehicle involved in the chase in the Arco neighborhood last week, Jump said. The suspect fled city and county police and agents at the time, he said. When officers found the same vehicle today and witnessed “illegal activity taking place” nearby, they approached the suspect, who jumped into the vehicle and slowed down, Jump said.

Police and agents gave chase, but Jump said they both called it off due to school traffic. rice field.

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