Ford clips EV prices in response to Tesla cuts

The biggest price drop is the GT expansion model, which goes from $71,395 to $65,495 including shipping.

The price of the California Route 1 eAWD extended range version drops $5,580 to $59,495.

The standard range trim for Premium RWD is reduced by $3,980 to $52,495, and the standard range trim for Premium eAWD is reduced by $3,680 to $55,495.

Prices for the Select RWD Standard Range will drop $900 to $47,495, while the Select eAWD Standard Range will drop $600 to $50,495.

Ford said it would drop the price for a longer-range battery upgrade by $1,600 to $8,600. The Nite Pony Appearance Package and GT Performance Package prices remain the same.

Ford also said that Mach-Es ordered between January 30th and April 3rd are eligible for a special rate as low as 5.34% through Ford Credit.

Existing Mach-E customers awaiting vehicle delivery will automatically receive the adjusted price, the automaker said. Purchased this year, he says he will reach out directly to customers who already have a Mach-E.

story told car news Mach-E wasn’t profitable, but automakers were making big gains by attracting new customers to the brand and honing their software and battery technology.

“The Mustang Mach E is not and will never be profitable, but it varies a bit by trim series,” he said. “We want to make more profit and are working furiously to reduce the cost of these vehicles.”

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