Ford Europe new marketing has American, electric focus

KITZBUHEL, Austria — Ford Motor will leverage its American heritage to boost profitability in Europe as automakers move to all-electric brands in the region.

Ford is phasing out its long-running mass-market models in Europe, the Fiesta small car and Focus compact, to focus on higher-margin SUVs, crossovers and pickups.

The automaker plans to launch three all-new fully electric vehicles in the region over the next two years before moving to all-electric vehicles at the end of the decade.

Ford sees these launches as an opportunity to revamp its marketing with a new slogan called “Adventure Spirit,” which represents the American values ​​of “freedom, outdoors and adventure.”

“We are seizing the opportunity to completely redeploy ourselves,” said Christian Weingartner, Ford’s marketing director in Germany.

“Our future models will be more American and will be all electric from 2030,” Weingaertner said. car news europe sister publication car week At a press event here.

New marketing tag

Ford’s model ties into new marketing claims. The Mustang Sport Coupe uses ‘Wild Performance’. That Puma little crossover will be advertised with the tagline “Urban Escape.” The Explorer’s large crossover will be linked to ‘Active Adventure’ and his Ranger pickup will be the ‘ultimate outdoor’ vehicle.

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