Ford, GM, Ram gear up for EV pickup competition

Similarly, GM isn’t worried about Ford being the first to enter the market, said Chevrolet Truck Marketing Director Michael McPhee.

“There is no arrogance as it relates to the competition available to buyers, so we have focused our efforts on making sure this is the absolute best truck for buyers,” McPhee said. “That’s why we took a fresh, clean-sheet approach from the ground up. That’s why we chose Ultium technology. That’s what sets us apart from our mainstream competitors.” .”

McPhee said Chevrolet intended to develop the Silverado EV from scratch rather than adopt a petrol-powered model. As a result, GM’s estimated range is 400 miles (the Lightning’s maximum of 320 miles), and it also offers 10,000-pound towing capacity, four-wheel steering, and a midgate that increases cargo capacity.

“The essence of every Silverado EV reservation owner is the customer who wants the truck to do the truck thing,” MacPhee said. “That’s important to us because, no matter what we do, every full-size pickup has the Silverado’s hard-working DNA in it.”

The Sierra EV will have similar range and features to the Silverado EV at its debut. A GMC spokesperson said in a statement, “We are confident that customers will be thrilled with the GMC Sierra EV’s unique combination of distinctive and bold styling, purposeful technology, luxury amenities and next-level truck capabilities. ing.

Chevy has more than 170,000 reservation holders for the Silverado EV, more than half of whom are joining GM for the first time, MacPhee said. He’s less than 40% with pickups now, concentrated on the US coast and slightly younger and wealthier than today’s Silverado buyers.

“This will be an opportunity to talk to new customers and not traditional truck buyers,” he said. “That’s really the big difference.”

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