Ford offers some on Bronco waitlist $2,500 to buy something else

Detroit — ford motor companyis trying to solve the Bronco backlog by offering part of its waiting list a $2,500 discount if they switch entirely to lower-priced trim or a different nameplate.

According to the automaker, those who ordered a 2023 Bronco Wild Truck can get a discount by switching to Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Badlands trim without a molded-color hardtop roof, Sasquatch package, or Luxe package. You can receive it.

Alternatively, the customer can choose another Ford vehicle to receive the same discount. According to the automaker, customers can choose his 2022 or 2023 stock model or choose to order an Escape, Bronco Sport, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, Ranger or F-150.

If the customer takes no action and the Bronco cannot be delivered during the 2023 model year, Ford says it will cancel the order. Must order. This reverses Ford’s previous commitment to price protection orders pushed for the next model year.

The automaker informed dealers of the options earlier this month in a bulletin of “2023 Bronco Cancel Orders and Buy-Replacement Offers,” first reported by CarsDirect. Ford has since sent customers an email outlining their options.

A Ford spokesperson said in an email that the company is “working hard to get all pre-ordered or ordered Broncos to customers.”

“Continued supply chain challenges have forced a small number of existing Bronco pre-order and order owners to sell their 2023 model year Broncos if they remove certain constrained features such as the Sasquatch package, colored hardtop and Lux ​​package. Customers who remove the restricted feature are expected to receive a $2,500 rebate on the purchase or lease of their 2023 model year Bronco, in addition to the existing MSRP price protection. I have.”

The offer is the latest attempt to appease Ford buyers struggling to keep up with demand for the off-road SUV that hits the market in 2021.

The launch was initially delayed by quality issues with suppliers, and a global microchip shortage created further manufacturing backlogs, resulting in many Broncos holding lots for months waiting for parts. rice field.

Ford has tried to keep customers interested by offering branded gifts such as posters, hammocks and backpacks. Ford has also pledged not to raise prices on existing orders until the 2023 model year.

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