Ford SUV linked to fire of Secret Service rental vehicles

A Hertz Corp. vehicle previously rented by a U.S. Secret Service agent caught fire early Monday morning at Nantucket Memorial Airport, according to multiple media reports.

The massive fire involved five vehicles that had been rented by the Secret Service for President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving visit to Nantucket, the Secret Service said. Local fire officials said the fire was not suspicious, but the incident sparked a national conspiracy theory. forbes reported on Wednesday.

Investigators focus on white. ford The expedition as igniting a fire, although no official cause has been identified.

In a statement released Thursday, the Secret Service said:

“The Secret Service rented a vehicle for the president’s visit and dropped off an SUV at HERTZ Sunday night. Early Monday morning we learned that one Ford SUV had caught fire. It was parked next to a few vehicles and caught fire as well, due to its proximity to a Ford SUV.

“There were no issues when the vehicle was driven and it was returned without issue. The Ford SUV that caught fire was a Secret Service support vehicle and was not being used to transport guardians. We look forward to following up with the agency’s review of the incident.”

Airport officials discovered the fire in the rental car overflow area via the airport’s closed-circuit television system around 5:22 a.m., according to an airport statement. Staff activated the alarm system and responded to the fire alongside Nantucket firefighters and police officers.

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