Ford’s 2022 U.S. sales edge down despite strong December

Ford Motor Co.’s U.S. light vehicle sales rose 3.3% in December on improved supply, but fell 2.2% for the full year in 2022 as automakers continue to struggle with inventory problems caused by parts shortages. bottom.

Ford increased its total market share by 0.7 points in 2022, partially offsetting the 1.3-point decline it recorded in 2021 when the global microchip shortage began. It was smaller than the 6.8% decline experienced a year ago.

The automaker was helped by a strong end to the year, especially for its profitable F-Series pickups. Ford said it ended 2022 with its best monthly sales performance as the vehicle line retains the title as the nation’s best-selling vehicle line. But for the full year, sales of the F series he fell by 10%.

Ford says its vehicle line is well positioned for 2023, showing strong orders for its recently announced redesigned Super Duty.

Ford said it was the nation’s second-largest electric vehicle seller after Tesla.Ford’s EV sales were up last year thanks to the launch of the F-150 Lightning and E-Transit, which lead their respective light truck segments. reached 61,575 units, more than double the number.

Lincoln’s luxury brand sales rose 17% in December on improved crossover and SUV supply, but fell 4% for the full year.

Brand (December): Ford increased by 2.7%. Lincoln, up 17%.

Brand (2022): Ford fell 2.1%.Lincoln down 4%

Featured nameplates (December): F series increased by 20%. Explorer decreased by 5.5%. Mustang, 15% off. Bronco increased 14%. Mustang Mach-E is up 103%. Lincoln Corsair increased his 39%. Aviator, 1% up.

Notable Nameplates (2022): The F series decreased by 10%. Explorer, 7.8% off. The Mustang is down 9.2%. Bronco increased 234%. Mustang Mach-E is up 45%. Lincoln Corsair increased 21%. Aviator, 5% up.

Incentives (December): According to TrueCar, it costs $1,227 per vehicle, down 49% year-over-year.

Average transaction price (December): According to TrueCar, it costs $55,652, an 11% increase over the previous year.

stock: December 2021 Total Inventory Increases from 247,000 in December 2021 to 398,000

Quote: “A lot has been achieved in 2022, with Ford increasing its industry share by 0.7 percentage points,” said Andrew Frick, vice president of sales, distribution and trucks for Ford Blue in a statement. Executing our strategy, share gains were driven by broad growth in the SUV lineup and all-new EVs growing twice as fast as the entire EV segment.The F-Series remains America’s best-selling vehicle for the 46th consecutive year. With over 140,000 trucks sold over its second-place competitor, the Bronco family of vehicles grew 51.3%, and a strong retail order bank puts Ford well-positioned for 2023. ”

did you know? According to the Automotive News Research & Data Center, 2022 was the worst sales year for the F-Series since 2012, when 645,316 F-Series trucks were sold.

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