Foreign racers to feature first time in Cholistan Jeep Rally  

MULTAN – The 18th National and First-ever International Cholistan Jeep Rally kicks off on February 6th with foreign racers participating. Agha Muhammad Ali Abbas, managing director of the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (TDCP), said Sunday that for the first time he will have two to three foreign racers from Turkey and Iran taking part in the Cholistan Jeep Rally, the United States and others. He from the country said 15-20 tourists will also attend. for jeep rally He said some foreign racers have also confirmed their participation on the Jeepler.Agha Ali said registration for racers for the Jeep Rally is ongoing and will continue until January 31. Local races are cleared after his January 31st. TDCP Deputy Manager DG Khan, Sheikh Ijaz, said the charges will be doubled from 31 January onwards. Single fee for stock category is Rs 25,000 and prepaid category is Rs 30,000. “There are two of his tracks, including his 225km track in Bahawalpur district and Bahwarnagar in Fort Abbas district, about 227km. There will also be about 10 female racers in the rally.”

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