Gatik and Goodyear advance autonomy where the rubber meets the road

Sensors that detect problems and provide information to self-driving cars typically include radar, lidar, and cameras. Tires can now be included in that combination.

Self-driving truck company Gatik and tire manufacturer goodyear On Wednesday, it said it helped develop tire technology that estimates road friction and sends real-time information to Gatik’s autonomous driving system.

These tires have been in service for the last three months. Gatik uses Goodyear technology. self-driving This includes the transportation of goods for grocery giant Loblaw.

Both companies CES.

The two companies have previously discussed collaboration on tire technology and now explain how it will unfold.

Called Goodyear SightLine, the technology measures wear, load, tire pressure and temperature. It combines that information with real-time weather data and custom rubber friction insights to determine tire-to-road friction and detect low grip conditions.

Goodyear Chief Technology Officer Chris Helsel said:

This is especially useful in the winter weather conditions that Gatik may regularly encounter in Canada.

Goodyear Ventures, the venture capital arm of the tire maker, backed Gatik with an investment in a Series B round in 2021.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Corp. is in preliminary talks to invest in Gatik as part of its cloud partnership, two people familiar with the talks told Reuters.

Microsoft plans to invest more than $10 million in a funding round that will value Gatik at more than $700 million, the sources added. As part of the deal, Gatik will use Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing platform Azure to develop automated truck delivery technology.

The terms of the deal are subject to change, the sources added.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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