Genesis dealers want flexibility on facility upgrades

Genesis retailers are making investments, but the customer experience is still “not what we want,” Muñoz said.

He said the dealer replied: [existing] program? “

Attendees at the Make meeting also got a glimpse of the brand’s growth plans through 2025. Peter Lanzavecchia, chairman of the Genesis National Dealer Advisory Council, said most dealers were impressed afterward, saying, “Facilities and people We are talking about further investments in public capital,” he said.

Lanzavecchia’s dealer Genesis of Cherry Hill in New Jersey is under construction and is expected to open this summer. He said one of the key learnings for 2022 is that Genesis dealers will have more success if they don’t use Hyundai staff to sell to high-end customers.

“We need to have a dedicated staff at our new facility, but we are currently updating that requirement to our dealer network to begin splitting staff at our facility.

“What I learned at the store was that until you broke up [the staff]We will not be able to achieve the customer experience results that Genesys clients expect. ”

After launching its facilities program in January 2020, Genesis came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. That he reopened six months later, but many dealers opposed pouring millions into brick-and-mortar stores, citing a shift to online shopping.

“From what we’ve learned over the last few years, a minor update could be very positive at the moment,” Lanzavecchia said.

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