Georgia mothers recall tornado-downed tree falling on Jeep with kids inside nearly killing them

An incredible survival story from two young mothers who were in the same car as their children when the tornado hit Spalding County on January 12th.

Looking at the photos and videos, everyone will agree that it is incredible that they survived. Those who followed the jeep were able to free the children almost immediately. It took him nearly two hours to rescue her two mothers trapped under a tree.

Passenger Mariah Complien said: “There was a crackling sound and it immediately came down on us.

Freeing Liesl Swenson and Komplien from the Jeep was a heroic effort. They were just minutes from home from shopping when the tornado that hit Spalding County knocked over the pine tree across the road.

“The baby was fine. There was no glass or anything on it,” Complien said.

Driver Liesl Swensson lost consciousness but remembers minutes before the tornado hit.

“If you close your eyes, you can see that when you looked out the window it was pitch black,” Swenson said. “Things hit the Jeep from flying objects, rocks, debris, etc.” But she says that’s all she remembers.

Liesl’s daughter Gemma turned 2 the next day. Mariah’s daughter Ren is 11 months old.

Other drivers and off-duty Fayetteville police officers helped the children out of the backseat of the Jeep and took care of them.

Her husband Landon and Tyler were nearby. They were out on the road during the storm. They waited nervously for rescue to deploy.

Both women were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta with neck and other fractures. They are now home, well and grateful to be alive.

“We are grateful to our church and our families. We even have people from Minnesota who help us look after our children,” Swenson said.

A GoFundMe is set up for these young mothers of two. Rysel and Mariah’s Jeep Miracle.

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