Germany, UK and the Nordic countries dominated EV sales in 2022

Sales increased sharply in most of the smaller Eastern European markets, although generally from a very low base.

Two Tesla models lead the list of Europe’s best-selling all-electric vehicles in 2022, according to Dataforce figures, as the overall EV market grew by 29%.

The best-selling EV was the Tesla Model Y SUV, which sold 137,819 units, easily beating the second-selling Tesla Model 3 sedan with 92,150 units. The Model Y was the best-selling car in Norway and Switzerland.

Decrease in plug-in sales

Sales of plug-in hybrids fell slightly in 2022, falling by 2.7% to 1.01 million. His 11% increase in Germany offset declines in other major plug-in hybrid markets such as France and the UK (decreases of around 11% each).

According to Dataforce, the Ford Kuga SUV was the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle, selling 57,968 units, up 25%.

ACEA figures show sales of full hybrid vehicles increased 8.5% to 2.64 million units, with a market share of 23%.

Major new models include the Toyota Yaris Cross, which represented almost 100,000 new full hybrid sales in its first full year on the market, out of a total increase in European sales of around 205,000.

Overall, ACEA said 44% of all cars sold have some kind of large battery. This means full electric, plug-in hybrid or full hybrid.

Gasoline model sales fell 13% to 4.14 million units, with a market share of 37%. Diesel sales were down 21% to 1.64 million units, with a market share of 15%. Until 2015, diesel accounted for almost half of sales.

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