Germany’s BEV market share almost catches diesel in 2022

FRANKFURT — Germany saw a surge in demand for fully electric vehicles last year, capturing almost a fifth of sales in Europe’s largest market.

Battery electric vehicles had a market share of 17.7%, just behind diesel vehicles’ share of 17.8%, according to data from the KBA Motor Transport Authority. Plug-in hybrids accounted for his 13.7% share of the market, while petrol cars accounted for his largest share at 32.6%.

Overall new vehicle registrations increased by 1.1% to 2.65 million.

The Polestar electric brand posted strong growth with sales up 166%. Tesla registrations he increased by 76%.

VW was Germany’s best-selling brand last year, despite a 1.8% decline in registrations. He was second with Mercedes-Benz, whose registrations increased his 8.3%. Audi put him in third place with his 17% increase in sales. The BMW brand was in fourth place, with a 5.7% decline in sales. Opel was fifth. Registrations he dropped by 11%.

  • For December/Full Year Germany Sales by Brand, download the PDF here

Total market registrations in December increased 38% to 314,318.

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