GM clearing production bottlenecks in 2023

Keith McCluskey, Chairman of the Chevrolet National Dealer Council, said: car news Company leaders said at a make meeting that GM will buy 400 heavy trucks to deliver vehicles to dealers.

McCluskey, CEO of Chevrolet in Cincinnati, said instead of relying on third-party logistics providers, “GM bought those assets in a hardening way. Our employees are delivering products to us.” “This is just part of what GM is aggressive about and understands. We’re not going to just sit back and be victims of the transportation industry. We’re going to take charge of that .”

GM executives told dealers on Saturday that the company, which has been plagued by supply shortages due to the pandemic and shortages of microchips, expects to return to near 100% capacity this year.

Nearly 500,000 vehicles were built and dealers were told some parts were missing, but that number had been cut to “about 1,000” by the end of January, McCluskey said. .

“In short, bad weather. The storm is behind us,” he said. “It’s a very bright future.”

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