GM, Nissan dealerships sell in Q3, Q4 deals

On October 31, dealer owners Jose Casares and Lee Schreiber acquired Reichert Chevrolet Buick of Woodstock, Illinois from John Reichhardt in their first joint venture.

Reichert plans to retire, Casares and Schreiber say car newsThe Buick brand plans to close its stores in up to 120 days due to the termination of its contract with General Motors as part of the two companies’ approval to sell, according to Casares and Schreiber.

They renamed the store to Woodstock Chevrolet. Woodstock is northwest of Chicago.

Schreiber’s grandfather has run Ford dealerships for more than 50 years, and his father co-owns two dealerships, including Bull Valley Ford in Woodstock, Illinois, where Casares and Schreiber worked together from 2011 to 2015. was doing.

Cazares purchased Freeport Ford, its first dealer in Illinois, in the fall of 2021. Around the same time, Mr. Schreiber, who already owned a Sterling Chevrolet in Illinois, was buying his Dixon Ford-Volkswagen, his second dealer in Illinois. He purchased the store on his October 1st.

Friends and former colleagues sympathized during the sale.

“We went through the process together and collaborated throughout the process,” Cazares said. “We decided that if we want to grow in the future, we should do it together.”

The duo plans to consolidate all business operations over the next year or so, including the Casares store in Freeport and the store currently under the Schreiber Automotive umbrella.

“As Jose said, we work together and it works,” Schreiber said. “We’re both relatively the same age, so it’s going well.”

The owners said they plan to modernize the Reichert Chevrolet-Buick building, including keeping most of the staff and adding service booths and new equipment to increase efficiency.

Schreiber and Cazares, who say they share similar goals, values ​​and growth strategies, said they are looking to grow and diversify in the future, including expanding beyond Illinois.

“Everywhere there is an opportunity,” said Cazares. “If I get the chance, I’ll take it out of state.”

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