GM to invest $918 million at 4 plants

Detroit — general motors On Friday, it announced a $918 million investment in four manufacturing plants in Michigan, Ohio and New York to produce V-8 engines and electric vehicle components.

Most of the investment is related to GM’s sixth generation small block V-8. His two factories in Rochester, New York and Defiance, Ohio will also receive $64 million for EV castings and component upgrades.

GM plans to spend $579 million on refurbishments. Flint engine operation $216 million in Michigan for new engine production at Bay City Global Propulsion Systems in Michigan for camshafts, connecting rods and future V-8 engine production in Flint Used for machining used blocks and heads.

The Defiance plant will undergo a $55 million upgrade to enable it to produce block castings for future V-8 engine programs and castings for future EVs. The Rochester plant will get $68 million to produce intake manifolds and fuel rails for future V-8 engine production at Flint, as well as battery pack cooling lines for EVs.

The investment will underpin GM’s full-size pickups and SUVs, said Gerald Johnson, executive vice president of global manufacturing and sustainability, in a statement. They come as GM prepares to begin negotiations for a new contract with the UAW this year.

“These investments, combined with the hard work and dedication of our team members in Flint, Bay City, Rochester and Defiance, will build world-class products for our customers and ensure job security at these factories for years to come.” It allows us to provide

He added that the Rochester and Defiance plants are also “leading the transformation to an all-electric future.”

GM has not disclosed when the production of the new V-8 will start or the details of its performance.

The automaker has announced more than $37 billion in upgrades to its US manufacturing footprint over the past decade.

“The skills and dedication of UAW members are an important part of GM’s success, and this investment recognizes that members will continue to be an important part of GM’s future,” the automaker said in a statement. I quoted UAW President Ray Curry.

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