Griffis Motors donates Jeep for Neshoba Central fundraiser

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The Neshoba Central Rockets baseball team is having a massive fundraiser thanks to “The Good Guys” at Griffis Motors who generously donated a new 2023 Jeep Compass worth $35,000.

A baseball team, along with Bill and Wright Griffiths and other fans, hopes to sell 1,000 raffle tickets and raise $100,000 for improvements and additions to baseball facilities.

Last year, the father-son Griffith duo decided to do something for their community.

Bill Griffiths said: That’s how it came to be. ”

The Griffiths explored several community project scenarios before finally deciding on a baseball fundraiser. Only she can win the car, but the money raised will also benefit the school, future baseball teams and fans.

Bill Griffith was named Time Dealer of the Year last year. He received an award in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to speak with other dealer owners about community projects.

“It’s amazing what car dealers are giving back to their communities,” he said. “We’re a small dealer in a small town. What we do pales in comparison to some of these dealers.”

For more than 25 years, Griffis Motors has offered a $1,000 scholarship to every employee’s child who attends college.

It also employs high school students to work at dealerships.

Wright’s son, Saunders, plays for Neshoba Central High School’s baseball team. In addition, Wright has served as his announcer on the baseball and soccer fields at Neshova Central.

Wright Griffiths said the winner will have the option to purchase another vehicle besides the Compass.

“$35,000 is available for that vehicle,” he said.

Tickets are on sale for 42 players from the junior varsity and varsity teams, with tickets priced at $100 each.

Online payments for raffle tickets can be made via PayPal to or through the school, baseball team or Griffith Motors social media pages.

The vehicle will be presented on April 15 between the final home game of the regular season, the Junior and National Team games against Southeast Lauderdale.

Neshoba County Superintendent Randy Brantley thanked the donation.

“I want to thank the Griffith family for their generosity,” he said. “The Griffiths are great supporters of all things Neshoba Central.”

Neshoba Central baseball coach Jonathan Jones is also very appreciative of Griffis Motors’ donation.

“I would like to thank Griffis Motors and Wright and Bill Griffis for making this donation,” Jones said. “It helps us dramatically. Funny thing, I’ve coached him for 25 years and this is the biggest donation I’ve made at one time in my entire career.”

“I can’t say enough good things about giving me this opportunity,” Jones said.

The goal of the baseball team is to constantly strive to improve the facility in some way.

“The school has helped us and has been very beneficial, but we also have to raise money ourselves to improve our facilities,” he said.

They recently turfed the mound and plate. Next year they want to do other big things.

“Our goal is to eventually turf the entire infield,” Jones said. “We want the backstop to be like a stadium seat. It just takes time. You can’t do it all at once.”

Jones said he would be “very excited” if 500 to 1,000 tickets were sold.

“If we can sell 1,000 or 2,000, that’s great,” he said.

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