HARMAN Brings New Automotive Innovations to CES 2023 — Featuring Advanced In-Cabin Technologies Ready to Deliver Enhanced Safety, Well-Being, and Entertainment Experiences Today

Las Vegas – (business wire)–CES 2023 — HARMAN, an automotive technology company and subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., focuses on designing automotive-grade consumer experiences. today unveiled its latest road-ready innovations that can deliver tangible and meaningful automotive experiences for drivers, passengers and other road users. Harman Explore Showcase on display at CES 2023 at Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, ready for OEM integration, featuring new products designed to enhance safety, wellbeing and entertainment in new ways Featuring a live in-car demonstration of

Visitors to the HARMAN EXPLORE Showcase will have the opportunity to participate in live demonstrations of HARMAN’s latest products to experience how new technology impacts drivers, pedestrians and the communities in which we travel. . From Ready Care, featuring the industry’s first visual and cognitive load measurement product to keep your eyes and mind while driving, to the industry’s first to feature a software platform to deliver a branded audio experience. From Ready on Demand, all innovations are key features and technologies that consumers want in their cars now and in the future.

Additionally, each of the new products announced at HARMAN EXPLORE 2023 can work individually to provide specific benefits, or they can be integrated to further enhance your safety, well-being or entertainment experience. And because they belong to Harman, each innovation is designed to meet the exacting demands and standards of the automotive environment. This is the value proposition Harman calls “the consumer experience.” automotive grade.

Christian Sobottka, President, Automotive, Harman International, said: “We all expect our cars to become an extension of our digital lives, offering the same connected experiences we enjoy at home, at work, and everywhere in between. We are excited to showcase our latest innovations built with the GRADE consumer experience in mind, from harnessing real-time data to improve safety to infusing innovation in consumer electronics into the cabin. , demonstrating how carefully applied technology transforms vehicles from simple modes of transportation to vehicles that connect digital and physical lives.”

On display at the HARMAN EXPLORE 2023 showcase at the Virgin Hotel from January 4th to January 7th, HARMAN will present the following interactive automotive demonstrations.

  • Preparation care: Harman Ready Care is the industry’s first closed-loop interior sensing and customized intervention product that measures a driver’s eye activity, cognitive load and vital signs to help them focus on the road ahead and level of attention. Using neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ready Care classifies driver behavior into focused and distracted states and initiates personalized in-car responses to reduce stress, anxiety, distraction, drowsiness and more. Mitigate dangerous driving situations. With HARMAN’s acquisition of his CAARESYS in September 2022, Ready Care will incorporate additional in-vehicle sensors to detect the presence of children and monitor human vitals such as heart rate, respiration rate and heart-to-beat levels. Non-contact measurements can now be used to determine driver health. .
  • Ready display: Launched with Neo QLED Auto, the Ready Display optimizes premium performance, price and design to meet nearly all modern vehicle display needs. Today’s consumers demand the immersive and enhanced visual experiences they expect from smartphones and similar technologies. Through its relationship with Samsung, HARMAN has applied consumer electronics innovations to its Ready Display technology. As a result, Ready Display provides both a visual experience and cost-effectiveness, creating products that meet the consumer’s expectations and his OEM development needs.
  • Available on demand: Ready on Demand is a software platform for delivering branded audio value, enhancements, upgrades, and monetization opportunities in easy-to-use apps. An industry first, Ready on Demand is the foundation for delivering enhanced experiences and future upgrades that consumers can unlock anytime through an in-app purchase throughout the life of the vehicle. In addition, Ready on Demand showcases the ability to differentiate and personalize a brand’s audio system as naturally as consumers add features to their smartphones today, for an even more “wow” effect. Ready on Demand also provides the means to extend feature availability beyond the original point of sale and deploy new features as they become available.
  • Upgrade Now: Just as smartphones require software updates to ensure users have the latest security features and applications, cars also require regular updates. HARMAN introduces Ready Upgrade, which provides OEMs and their drivers with innovative software and hardware that enables frequent and efficient interface updates. The result is a much shorter development cycle, allowing consumers to enjoy longer vehicle life cycles. This significantly shortens the development cycle, reducing time-to-market for new features and costs for his OEM. Validated software and production-ready hardware.
  • Lady Vision: Ready Vision provides an immersive audio-visual experience that assists drivers and makes navigation safer and more informed with augmented reality (AR) heads-up display hardware and AR software. As technology becomes more accessible in the car, multiple screens and alerts increase the risk of driver distraction and strain cognitive load. Ready Vision offers his OEMs an end-to-end product that combines a wedgeless display with a wide field of view, directional audio alerts and AR technology to deliver the right content at the right time with the right level of visual detail. Offers. As a result, drivers receive the optimum level of information to help them focus on the road ahead.
  • Sound/vibration sensor + external microphone: Harman enables a variety of applications that improve safety and the user experience, from detecting emergency vehicle sirens, listening for external voice commands from drivers and traffic controllers, to detecting broken glass and vehicle crashes. , announces acoustic and vibration sensor and external microphone products. The external microphones are designed to withstand environmental elements and can be configured as single element or multi-element arrays. All possibilities for communication with drivers, passengers, emergency vehicles and other vehicles on the road are enabled by external microphones and sensors. This will enable usability, safety improvements, and new vehicle capabilities for current and future EVs and autonomous vehicles.

Each of these new products, along with additional Harman innovations, will be on display at the Harman Explore Showcase at CES this week at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas. Attendees will experience each of these in live demonstrations to see how products integrate to enhance their benefits and how Harman’s latest technologies deliver an automotive-grade consumer experience. You can hear from an expert about

To learn more about all of HARMAN’s latest products and the experiences they offer, check out the HARMAN EXPLORE 2023 media kit.

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