Harnessing the power of AI will be key in 2023

Migrate to the cloud

In 2023, software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service offerings will come to the transportation industry.

Developers will have access to a comprehensive suite of cloud services to design, deploy and experience metaverse applications anywhere.

The team designs and collaborates on 3D workflows such as autonomous vehicle (AV) development simulations, in-vehicle experiences, cloud gaming, and even car configurators offered on the web or in showrooms.

On-board concierge

Advances in conversational AI, natural language processing, gesture detection, and avatar animation are finding their way into the next generation of automobiles in the form of digital assistants.

This AI concierge can use natural language understanding to make reservations, access vehicle controls, and provide alerts.

Using in-vehicle cameras, deep neural networks, and multimodal interaction, vehicles can ensure that the driver’s attention is on the road, ensuring that no passengers or pets are left behind when the journey is complete. increase.

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