Here come the small electric pickups

Auto company executives tend to give the go-ahead to build light trucks every 20 to 30 years, especially when gas prices skyrocket. The 1970s offered the Chevrolet LUV, Ford Courier and Subaru BRAT. Chevrolet S-10 and Dodge Dakota in the 90’s.Today we are with Ford Maverick hyundai Santa Cruz. Both will hit the market later in his 2021. Their rapid popularity is no doubt a factor in automakers considering similar electric alternatives.

Maverick made Ford about $2.1 billion in revenue last year, according to Bloomberg estimates. This is about the same as his larger brother Ford his Ranger. Critically speaking, it didn’t seem to separate buyers from Ford’s other trucks. Instead, Maverick has attracted drivers who usually go for car-shaped vehicles.

The truck proved so popular that Ford intermittently stopped taking orders as the factory caught up.

Santa Cruz, meanwhile, enabled Hyundai to enter the lucrative US truck market for the first time. In developing the vehicle, the company said it has found a number of people in focus groups who drive small crossovers but are desperate for more cargo capacity. and helped the brand increase vehicle sales by 17% in the second half of 2022.

The American pick-up truck menu will almost certainly continue to grow. Thanks to a combination of consumer interest and strong automaker economics, forecaster LMC Automotive expects the U.S. compact pickup market (gasoline-hungry, hybrids and electrics) to grow to It is projected to swell to 200,000 units per year. It will be about twice as large as it is now.

According to GM’s Fowle, the company’s engineering and design working groups are looking for an EV that is “affordable from the get-go, rather than a satisfying task.” In other words, the company tries to design its electric models with a focus on affordable parts, materials, and solutions, rather than stripping the frills of its more luxurious models.

Conveniently, GM doesn’t make trucks the same size and price as Maverick or Santa Cruz. The closest offering is the midsize Chevrolet Colorado, which starts at around $31,000, and he consumes at least a gallon of gas every 24 miles.

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