Honda Accord And Jeep Grand Cherokee Road Rage Causes Mayhem On George Washington Bridge

It’s unclear why the Honda Accord driver kept rear-ending the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

To brad anderson

Jan 22, 2023 16:08

To brad anderson

Back in June of last year, one of the strangest accidents happened on the George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey and New York.

Footage of the crash was shared to Instagram by the owner of the BMW E92 M3 and was able to be captured by both the rear and front dash cams. This incident will probably leave you scratching your head and maybe paranoid about experiencing something similar on the road.

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The clip begins with a black Jeep Grand Cherokee approaching the BMW from behind. Suddenly, he is rear-ended by a Honda Accord, pushing the jeep into the concrete his barrier right next to the lane. However, instead of stopping, the Jeep continues driving past his BMW on camera. At the same time, the Accord’s driver also continues driving and slams into the rear of the Grand Cherokee again.

The force of the impact slammed the Jeep into the back of an orange Honda Fit, lifting the SUV onto its two wheels before crashing into the pavement. After this crash, the duo continues to drive, and it sounds like the Accord rear-ended the Jeep multiple times while they were out of sight.

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It’s unclear what led to the initial collision between the two vehicles, but it has been suggested that it was apparently a case of road rage on the Accord’s driver’s side.

Whatever the reason, the Honda appears to have suffered far more damage than the Jeep, but both vehicles are clearly in need of significant repairs.

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