Honda Accord will add Google Built-In for advanced over-the-air updates

But Honda says the technology offers more than a streamlined experience for drivers. This represents the automaker’s first step towards the next phase of car ownership, including the ability to add functionality via OTA updates.

“What this will enable in the future is an over-the-air update capability that will not only provide current features, but many new features and features that were not in development when the car was launched. American Honda Motor said Jay Joseph, vice president of CASE and Energy at the company.

CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified, and is a division newly established to accelerate Honda’s initiatives in these fields.

“We believe that the idea of ​​owning a car that adds features two, three, or eight years after the sale can really change the ownership experience and the dynamics of the used car market,” Joseph said.

“Our focus is to put the customer at the center of the equation, and in that sense the connected vehicle experience it provides is essential,” he said.

Facilitating over-the-air software updates is not a new idea in the automotive industry.

Honda is already wirelessly delivering content to many vehicles to reflash existing systems or update services, Joseph said.

“The new value of OTA is evolving to include upgrade opportunities.

“By combining hardware and software, we can optimize the experience for each individual who can change features and performance after purchasing the vehicle.”

In addition to controlling commands such as navigation and music, Google built-ins can manipulate the climate system. (“Ok Google, turn on his passenger seat heater”)

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