Honda Global Auto Production Dropped 6.4 Percent In 2022

Honda is the latest automaker to report production figures for 2022. The company produced 3,870,161 vehicles a year from 2021, which he decreased by 6.4%. The automaker reports this is his fourth consecutive year-over-year decline.

Honda produced 643,973 cars in Japan, an increase of 4.6%. Of those products he exported 76,704 pieces. This is his 15% increase. In the United States, we have assembled 831,908 cars. This is a decrease of 2.9%.

In terms of sales, Honda has moved 983,507 vehicles in the US in 2022. This was a 32.9% decrease from when he moved 1,466,630 cars in the country in 2021. This figure is split between 881,201 Honda-branded models and 102,306 Acura-branded models.

Honda’s best-selling car in the United States was the CR-V. The company delivered 238,155 of them, down 34.1% from the previous year.

Honda Japan Export 2022

Acura’s best-selling car was the MDX. It moved 46,425 units, a decrease of 22.7 percent.

Looking ahead, Honda will introduce more electric vehicles. The new Civic Hybrid is on its way to the US in sedan and hatchback body styles. The automaker hasn’t provided powertrain details yet, but the European e:HEV model has a 2.0-liter combustion engine and his two electric motors, with a total system output of 181 hp (135 kW). and 232 lb-ft (315 Newtons). meters) torque.

The Prologue electric crossover will arrive for model year 2024 on General Motors’ Altium platform. It looks pretty compact in the photos, but the EV’s wheelbase is 121.8 inches (3,094 mm), even longer than the 111-inch (2,820 mm) passport. The interior has an 11-inch (279.4 mm) digital instrument cluster and an 11.3-inch (287 mm) infotainment display. Powertrain details are not yet available.

Acura gets its own Ultium-based EV that revives the ZDX moniker. Less detail than prologue.

Acura is also preparing the Integra Type S for those looking for a more exciting version of the small sedan. According to the company, it is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with a turbocharger, and the output is “more than 300 horsepower”. A six-speed manual routes power to the front wheels.

Check out this episode for a discussion of the Honda Civic Type R. rambling about cars:

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