Honda Tells Which New, Refreshed Cars and SUVs Are Coming in 2023 and 2024

The Honda and Acura brands will be busy in North America in 2023. The two companies, which share joint ownership under American Honda Motor Co., Inc., will announce, release and update a number of new models this year.

The company struggled in 2022, but expects better results in 2023. Honda expects to sell up to 1.2 million units due to the expected increase in production. Acura aims to sell 160,000 units in 2023.

Change is already on the horizon. American Honda entered 2023 with 17 days worth of his vehicle on hand, about double what he had last year.

The redesigned Honda Pilot and Accord join the new Hybrid CR-V in dealer lots this winter.

Hybrid versions of the Honda Civic sedan and hatchback are planned for 2024, joining the new set of CR-V and hybrid Accords.

2023 Honda Pilot Trail Sport in Sedona, Arizona.
American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

“The supply chain challenges that have plagued all automakers over the past few years have affected Honda more than many other automakers. It’s unclear if Honda is a little behind in some respects, but it’s a milestone they said they’d achieve in the past,” Auto Pacific president and chief analyst Ed Kim told Newsweek. told to

“Honda, for example, said before the pandemic that all of its core models would offer electrification in the near future. The Accord and CR-V both offer hybrids, while the Civic Hybrid is only available until 2024. It hasn’t appeared and we haven’t seen it yet. A hybrid version of the Pilot and Odyssey that we consider to be Honda’s core model.”

This fall, the Honda Passport will be refreshed and a new TrailSport variant will hit the market. Ridgeline is expected to receive similar treatment later this year. These two models of his are produced at the company’s Lincoln, Alabama Honda Manufacturing of Alabama plant along with the Honda Pilot. The Honda Odyssey minivan is also made in the same place.

Honda plans to make future hybrids its top-of-the-line model. This is a similar pattern to the placement of the hybrid powertrain in the new CR-V.

Acura will get a refreshed TLX sedan this year, and the Integra Type S will hit dealer lots this summer.

Honda plans to sell the electric SUV Prologue in 2024. Acura launches its own version of the electric SUV, his ZDX, around the same time. A sportier Acura ZDX Type S will also be available. Pre-sales for Prologue and ZDX will take place in 2023.

The ZDX and Prologue deployments are part of a larger electric vehicle development deal between American Honda and General Motors.

Both companies will offer dealer and online sales models, increasing their digital footprints to enable the entire transaction to be done digitally.

“Honda has historically been an organization that learns from its challenges, and with supply chain issues eased, the automaker seems poised to move forward. This is a rare step for Honda to achieve its electrification goals,” Kim said.

“Partnerships are the name of the game in today’s high-stakes automotive scene, and even historically independent automakers like Honda don’t like working with others to achieve their goals. With that in mind, Honda has seen nothing else catastrophic happen in the automotive sector.”

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