Honda to test fuel cell system in Dongfeng’s commercial vehicles

Honda motor industry stock company It has become the third global automaker to develop a fuel cell vehicle with key technology for China.

The Japanese automaker is working with local partner Dongfeng Motor Group to develop Honda’s fuel cell system Honda’s China division of the state-owned automaker’s light commercial vehicle said this week.

The tests, which begin this month in central China’s Hubei province, will verify the performance of fuel cell-powered vehicles across several metrics, including environmental adaptability, fuel efficiency and durability under different driving conditions. Honda China added that it aims to

Dongfeng, a major Chinese truck maker, operates a joint venture with Honda in Hubei Province to produce Honda brand passenger cars.

Before Honda, two other global automakers had made great strides in penetrating the Chinese fuel cell vehicle market with their fuel cell systems.

2020, Toyota Motor Corporation SinoHytec Co., a Beijing-based developer of fuel cell systems, Dongfeng, and three other state-owned Chinese automakers (China FAW Group, GAC Motor Group, BAIC Group) entered into R&D partnerships for fuel cell system development. is.

In 2021, Toyota will form an 8 billion yen ($624 million) joint venture with SinoHytec to manufacture and sell fuel cell systems for commercial vehicles. The joint venture will begin construction of a factory in Beijing in October 2022.

2021, hyundai car has started construction of a factory in Guangzhou, southern China. The plant will initially be able to build 6,500 fuel cell systems per year.

In October 2022, Hyundai signed an agreement to set up a joint venture with a Guangzhou-based company. Guangzhou Hengyun Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., an energy supplier, and Guangzhou Development Zone Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd., a public transportation company.

It will sell and provide after-sales service for commercial vehicles equipped with Hyundai’s fuel cell system.

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