How automakers, suppliers aim to attract top IT talent

“We are always looking for new talent around the world,” she said in an email. We develop software for vehicles.”

To support the development of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), the company will add 3,000 software-focused positions worldwide.

“So far we have filled 2,300 positions,” she said. “To attract IT talent, we use a multi-channel her sourcing strategy with a wide variety of methods and tools. Her one of the primary sourcing channels for us is social media. am.”

Leverage in-house talent

Mercedes, Audi and Continental are also turning their attention to maximizing the existing resources of their employees.

Mercedes offers a training program to all employees interested in becoming so-called “data workers”.

The program includes four different learning paths: Data Product Owner, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist. The newly minted experts will work on data-driven products and processes to increase efficiency, increase revenue and develop and improve the data-focused services that Mercedes offers to its customers.

“Our goal at Mercedes is to focus on key areas of our transformation and further develop a global culture of learning,” added Koreisen. “That is why we put the lifelong learning and continuing education of our employees at the heart of sustainable human development.”

Barr said Continental is also aware that it cannot fill all vacancies with outside candidates.

“We also need to focus on our inner talents,” she said.

To this end, in 2018 Continental established a global learning and training initiative for employees: the Software Academy to support lifelong learning. Currently, 27,000 employees are involved in the Academy.

Audi’s Ros said the automaker’s goal is to maintain key competencies through “upskilling” and add new competencies through retraining.

“For example, reskilling plays an important role in the field of e-mobility,” he said. “Combustion engine developers can qualify through various programs to become high-voltage battery system developers.”

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