How dealers can manage growing used-vehicle market challenges

A strong strategy is to replace underperforming vehicles in the market with the exact units you need and run them in store. I can. If you want to sell your car and get what you need, auctions don’t always let you do it.

Too many dealers don’t think of wholesale this way. Years of lost profits have led to the opinion that wholesale is simply a loss that dealers have to face. how to maintain?

Market spread is the price difference that exists from one market to another. Cars that didn’t sell and didn’t trade well in the market can be traded in to another dealer in a market that might sell well.In return you get a car can Sell ​​and have a good deal in your market. To be clear here, I’m not talking about trading negative stocks, I’m talking about trading inequality.

Take the Honda Civic as a practical example. As I write this, in South Texas he sells for $8,500 more than in Lincoln, Nebraska. Using the market gap search platform to find a dealer with the vehicle he wants, using the market gap he created a one-to-one exchange to reduce water for each unit and excite the sales team Bring in a fresh core car that picks up the phone. No longer are you forced to take that vehicle down the traditional wholesale route and lose a ton of money due to wholesale losses in this particular environment. You can get goods too. This strategy can be a lifesaver for dealers in the current economy, providing peace of mind and helping reduce wholesale losses.

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